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Enabling the Art of Business through Data and Science


Many organizations have jumped on the buzzword-laden Big Data Movement, but few Analytics organizations are successfully delivering Actionable Insights that make it further than a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation. In this session we will focus on understanding why the "Human" element must be considered in a successful Analytics project. We'll cover learnings from a collection of projects from the past +decade, their technical details "and" the methods used to Influence decision makers through compelling storytelling and actionable, laser-focused, ROI-driven Data Science.


I seek to Inform the Art of Business through Data and Science" My goal as a Solutions Architect / Data Scientist is to sift through petabytes of information to find the "Little Data", those nuggets of information and insight, that help Inform the Art and Influence the Artists to deliver the Right Products and Experiences to the Right Consumers at the Right Time. And more importantly, to Do the Right Thing for our Consumers by protecting their Right to Privacy on a global, comprehensive, and even predictive scale. Luck and great opportunities have delivered patents on Streaming Behavioral Data models, Adaptive Augmented Reality applications, Location-aware Engagement Intelligence, In-the-moment predictive algorithms for wearable devices, Fraud Detection/Prediction Platforms, and Personalized/Connection-based Recommenders. Specialties: * Petabyte Scale Dataflow Execution Architectures to enable full-loop Data Science * Data Exploration and Modeling of Semi/Un/Structured Data * Inventing New Machine Learning Algorithms, Heuristics, and Applications * Science Fiction Movies and Books; Video games, of course; Learning