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Splunk, Big Data, and Higher Education


In my role as a Professor at the University of Connecticut, I needed to be able to teach students about Big Data using emerging technologies. I had a goal of designing a course that not only taught about Big Data Applications, but also leveraged them to provide valuable course content. Lastly, and most importantly, I needed to make sure I taught the course in an efficient manner. Splunk was able to meet all of those requirements and I will talk about how this was possible and how Splunk can be used for many other Business Applications.


My professional experience is primarily in IT Security and Big Data. I have worked in large higher education environments supporting student, faculty, and staff members as well as working with all sorts of different companies helping to drive their business and security initiatives using Splunk. Outside of IT I am an adjunct professor teaching courses on Big Data and Network Security. I have also worked helping non-profit organizations providing everything from photography services to website design. I obtained my Master's degree in Data Analytics and Project Management from the University of Connecticut and I am a Splunk Certified Consultant and Splunk Certified Sales Engineer.