Speaker "Sanjay Sharma" Details

Name :
sanjay sharma
Title :
Principal Architect
Topic :

Big Data Use Case

Abstract :

Big Data Use Case

Profile :

Sanjay holds the prestigious position of Principal Architect at Impetus, and has been working as a Solution/Technical architect in Big Data and Cloud technologies for the last five years. Sanjay has acquired around 15 years of experience in the software industry, and has also played pivotal roles in other industries, including healthcare, finance, CRM, manufacturing, and banking/insurance. He has extensive experience with cardinal technologies including Hadoop, Hive, Cassandra, MongoDB, MPP DW, and Java/J2EE/SOA, which allowed him to pioneer the Hadoop India Linked-in group. Sanjay is highly venerated for his technological insight, and is invited to speak regularly at HPC/Big data, Cloud, and Agile events. He is an also an active contributor to open source.
Sanjay earned a maters degree in automation engineering from Russian People's Friendship University.


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