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Learned my trade in Romania, moved to the US in 2001, and have been adopted by this country with open arms ... I'm happy to live and work here. I have always had a huge passion for bleeding edge technology, for applying best patterns and practices and leading architecture efforts, but Big Data Analytics has changed my world. To this date it gives me the fuel that keeps me motivated and energetic to keep pushing the envelope in leveraging complex distributed systems and advanced analytics to create impact across so many domains. I love sharing the lessons learned with emerging technologies as a speaker at meetups and conferences, and I am deeply grateful to the open source community for its fantastic contribution ... I'm always ready to give back. After years of building big data platforms on the infrastructure and real-time services side, I was ready to tap into Machine Learning and Data Science at scale, and that's what I found at Ubix. When I'm not busy executing on a ground breaking product that will change the Advanced Analytics industry, I am chasing the wind and attempting (in vain so far!) to control my kiteboarding addiction and my thirst for breaking altitude records all the time! I will also ride wake/snow boards when the wind dies, and will regularly run my socks off on a soccer field twice a week. My wonderful wife is my best coach, she makes sure I stay healthy and happy.