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Data Visualization in the Age of Mobile and Wearables


It's no surprise that our digital world is increasing in complexity: our devices continue to pump out exponentially increasing amount of data and digital content. With the increase in complexity, the appetite for making sense of our digital world is also increasing, driving up the demand for serious data visualizations for improved understanding and faster and better decision-making. Standing on the shoulders of giants like Edward Tufte, Stephen Few and John Tukey and grounded in fundamental IA principles, this session will explore major trends and exciting opportunities in modern data visualization afforded by the availability of near real-time multi-dimensional data. First, we will examine at the role rich graphics play in creating premium experiences offered by mobile platforms: Apple Watch, Android Wear, iOS and Android. Next we will trace the evolution of data-dense graphics like sparklines, box plots, bullet graphs, maps (and more) in consumer and in the emerging "semi-professional" infographics space. Lastly, we will explore how the lessons learned in mobile and wearable space can enhance a variety of web and desktop applications such as search, ecommerce, dashboards and business workflows.​


Greg is the Head of UX Research at BHGE Digital, innovating through rapid prototyping as part of the Lean UX Agile process. Currently, he is designing industrial internet applications leveraging the Predix platform for IoT analytics and data visualizations. Greg has 21 years of experience designing and building digital products with over 60 conference presentations and workshops in 14 countries. Greg is internationally acclaimed design workshop leader, accredited graduate course instructor, and author of 7 UX books: Modern Data Visualizations: Trends and Opportunities for IoT, Mobile, Wearables, and Web (Upcoming 2018), Design That Works: Lean UX Playbook for Agile Product Teams (Upcoming 2018), Smashing Book 6: Section on UX of Conversational Interfaces (Co-authored – Smashing Media Upcoming 2018),  $1 Prototype: Lean Mobile UX Design and Rapid Innovation for Material Design, iOS, and RWD (2014),  Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers (Wiley, 2013), Mobile Book (Co-authored - Smashing Media, 2012), Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success (Wiley, 2011). More info at