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Succeeding with Polyglot Persistence


In this talk we share our story about our journey into polyglot persistence: the use of several types of data stores that are each a good match for a particular part of information processing problem.
As we started embracing Big Data and NoSQL across a number of projects, it quickly became clear that one technology is not going to be a solution for all of our needs. We begin by outlining the issues relational technology has with scalability and new data formats. We then illustrate the examples of dominant NoSQL technologies and how they fit into the big picture.
We will show how to productively bring in NoSQL systems into the enterprise, including classical reporting systems and integration strategies with relational systems. You will benefit from getting a clear picture of what type of NoSQL data store is a good match for data processing piece of puzzle.

  •  What is polyglot persistence?
  •  The relational database problems
  •  Taming big data with Hadoop and Map Reduce
  •  Scalability with Key/Value and Columnar stores
  •  Flexibility of Document stores
  •  Finding connections with Graph databases
  •  Data Governance for NoSQL
  •  NoSQL and Master Data Management
  •  NoSQL integration strategies


Dr. Vladimir Bacvanski is a software architect, consultant and mentor whose focus is on making companies successful in adopting modern software and data technologies. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, government organizations and startups.
Vladimir is published worldwide and is a frequent speaker, session chair, and workshop organizer at leading industry events. He was awarded the title of the IBM Champion for 5 years in a row 2009-2013. Vladimir is founder of SciSpike, a development and consulting firm specializing in advanced software technologies. He is currently the interim Director of Software Architecture at VHA, Inc.