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Cloud Security and Governance Framework: Shadow-IT and Sanctioned-IT


Organizations are embracing the cloud faster than ever moving critical business functions such as CRM, HRM, Email, IT Service Management, Cloud Storage, Marketing and analytics. On the average, organizations have around 1000+ cloud services used in the enterprise with approximately 10% of them are IT-sponsored (aka, Sanctioned IT) -- and the rest are brought in my individual Line-of-business (LOB) or employees, aka, Shadow-IT. With the rapid growing usage of the cloud services, organizations are exposed to many data security, risk, governance, compliance and data jurisdiction regulations concerns.
This session covers the "Top 10 best practices for Cloud Security and Governance" for both sanctioned and shadow-IT services that are used by many Fortune 500 customers across different verticals and country specific regulations.


Srini Gurrapu is the VP, Solutions Strategy @ Skyhigh Networks, a leader in Cloud Security and Enablement. Srini was working in the cloud and mobile security market for the past 4 years previously as the founder & CEO, Wheel InnovationZ. Srini has 20 years of experience in networking, security, virtualization and cloud computing markets at several success companies such as BlueCoat, Neoteris (acquired by Juniper), FaceTime (now Actiance), RingCube (acquired by Citrix), and Virtual Bridges.

Srini led product management and strategic alliances at these startups and helped drive the vision, strategy and execution. Srini's primary forte is building trusting advisory relationships with marquee customers early in the company life cycle and building the company by delivering innovative solutions that make the customers successful in their strategic initiatives. Srini also worked as EIR (Entrepreneur-In-Residence) at Austin Ventures, one of the large VC firms in US.

Srini also advises several Security Analytics, BigData Analytics, and Cloud Brokering startups.