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Anand Oka is Senior Director for Product Management in the Business Applications Group of Microsoft, where he drives innovative applications of connected customer knowledge and cutting-edge AI to solve challenges faced by enterprises making the Digital Transformation. Anand leads the product management of Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, an innovative new SaaS service from Microsoft that helps enterprises protect themselves from fraud and abuse in omnichannel transactions while keeping their doors open for legitimate business. Anand also leads the program management for fraud-protection of Microsoft’s first-party e-commerce businesses. Previously Anand worked on User Value Measurement and Data Science for Controlled Feature Exposure and AB Experimentation in Microsoft’s Office, Bing and Cortana businesses. He worked on Machine Learning applications in search, recommendation, and systems optimization at Blackberry. His original training is in physical layer Wireless Engineering and its applications in broadband and ultra-broadband communications systems. Anand holds a PhD from the University of British Columbia, and an MSc from The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, both in Electrical Engineering. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE.