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Rajiv leads the Retail and Direct Bank Technology Operations team. In this role he is responsible for strategic transformation initiatives related to cafés, branches, online banking, contact centers, fraud, and transaction and account servicing. Under Rajiv’s leadership, his team recently designed and deployed the first of its kind solutions in the cloud, leveraged AI&ML towards customer servicing and fraud managment, innovated around adoption of emerging technologies. At the same time, Rajiv has transformed his organization by building in-house engineering teams with expertise in modern technologies, eliminating dependency on third parties for business-critical skills. Before joining Capital One, Rajiv worked for a variety of global companies including IBM, OnStar, General Motors and Under Armour, where he successfully led global implementations and digital transformation initiatives. Rajiv is an innovative, customer-focused and results-driven leader who also serves as an Advisory Board Member (voluntary) on emerging technologies. He holds a Masters in IT from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from University of Delhi.