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Have you ever imagined a technology that would replace all repetitive jobs and relieve humans from performing heavy labor? Artificial intelligence is a technological blow that has continued to take the world by storm since 1955. The advent of the internet has helped this technology progress exponentially, and that it is now advancing exponentially. It is streamlined with widespread sub-technologies and applications ranging from biometrics and computer vision to intelligent devices and self-driving cars.

Many predictions have been made about what new advances are expected in the field of artificial intelligence. Emerging trends are fueling the artificial intelligence technologies craze. Analytics insight reviews a dataset based on what researchers were studying hence has listed the top ten Artificial intelligence technologies set to take the world to the next level of innovation. Here is a selection of the top ten artificial intelligence technologies that we shall closely look at.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a discipline in the study of computer science and a crucial branch of artificial intelligence. Its main objective is to develop new technologies set to enable computers to learn new languages and tasks, hence becoming more intelligent. With the help of algorithms, Application programming interfaces, development, training tools, big data, and applications, machine learning platforms are becoming more popular across the world today. Many times, Machine learning platforms in casinos are used for purposes of categorization and prediction. Amazon, fractal, Analytics, Google, Microsoft, and Ad text are leading companies selling machine learning platforms. View more