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The inventions in Artificial Intelligence are thriving the pace of invention despite the existing pandemic.

The year 2020 has surprised humans in many ways. From encountering a pandemic, addressing a global recession, and witnessing the global geopolitical changes, humanity is standing in ambiguous times. However, not everything is uncertain. Throughout the year, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of Things, and augmented/virtual reality, amongst others have spearheaded innovation with a promising future. These technologies have validated that despite the crisis, technology will transform the world.

Henceforth, Analytics Insight brings you the major inventions of 2020 that has shaped the world.

BrainBox AI

BrainBox AI is the most revolutionary technology gifted to humanity. It utilizes self-adapting artificial intelligence technology which proactively optimizes the energy consumption of buildings, which are the largest climate change contributors. Its AI engine supports a self-operating building that requires no human intervention. It optimizes the control of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, with the use of deep learning, cloud-based computing and automation to create maximum impact on energy consumption. By using BrainBox AI, commercial buildings can reduce the total energy costs by 25%, and improves occupant comfort by 60%.

Additionally, keeping in mind about the current crisis, the AI is designed in a manner, where it reduces the carbon footprint by 20-40%.


There are some diseases which have been detrimental to human health, even before coronavirus surfaced the earth. Cancer is listed amongst the most-deadliest disease, impacting human health. So far there have been no specific techniques that can detect cancer in its early stage. But researchers have made an AI system through which the patients can track the symptoms. TrailJectory uses artificial intelligence to empower patients to own their cancer journey and analyze its global patient community’s accumulated data so that cancer patients take informed decisions. It analyzes all relevant treatment options and instantly presents only what is a relevant treatment plan concerning the patient’s condition.

Embodied Moxie

Children have witnessed countless incidents of social chaos and apathy this year. The changing societal diaspora, increase in the incidents of hatemongering and racism poses a threat to the children’s learning of compassion and empathy. However, robotic advancements have led to the innovation of a tool that helps the children being kind and compassionate. Emboddied Moxie is a robot that allows the children to be more empathic, kind and develop advanced human skills. Moxie can perceive, process, and respond to natural conversation, eye-contact, facial expressions and other behaviour to create a unique and personalized learning experience for the child. It helps to build verbal confidence amongst children and helps in picking the social-emotional concepts, the theory of mind and comprehension with the help of NLP. Tailor-made for the overall development of children, this nascent robotic tool helps in improving the physical health of the children with activities like breathing, and guided meditation to help develop emotion and self-regulation skills. View More