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Discover Artificial Intelligence: A $7.35 Billion Industry Posted on : May 21 - 2019

Artificial Intelligence is a technology solution with the power to change the world.

Once the sole property of sci-fi writers and creative minds, artificial intelligence is now an increasingly common part of our professional and personal lives. We make purchases through virtual assistants hooked up to our phones and speakers. Our bots remind us when we have appointments and help us to manage our schedule.

In the business world, artificial intelligence even has the potential to take care of mundane tasks on our behalf, freeing up more time for us to be as intuitive and innovative as we like. It’s no wonder that 72% of companies see AI as a crucial business advantage.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, or “AI,” is a theory of computer science that emphasises the creation of intelligent algorithms capable of behaving and reacting like humans. Concepts built on artificial intelligence include everything from natural language processing to sentiment analysis. Through artificial intelligence, we can change the relationship that people have with machines.

In the communication landscape, artificial intelligence has made a significant impact on our conversations both with employees, and customers. There are tools available now that enable quicker communications between various departments in a business. Many messenger apps come with bots that can assist with retrieving contextual data, setting priorities, or establishing reminders. Some companies even give their employees access to virtual assistants that improve their day-to-day performance. Artificial intelligence personal assistants can also enhance meetings by taking real-time notes, transcribing conversations, and setting up communications.

Vendors are already experimenting with virtual assistants that can respond to a voice command to start a meeting, automatically translate languages between globally-dispersed workers, and more. View More