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Steven Gustafson is the Chief Scientist at Maana, an artificial intelligence and knowledge platform company, where he continues his passion of applying AI technology in innovative and impactful applications. Previously, he spent over a decade at General Electric’s corporate R&D center, leading teams and deploying AI solutions across the GE businesses, from Healthcare to Aviation, as well as leading corporate wide initiatives in Big Data, Data Science and AI. Dr. Gustafson has over 45 peer-reviewed publications, holds over 10 patents, and continues professional service by serving on editorial boards, program committees, advising to academic courses and serving on multiple Ph.D. dissertation committees. He is a recognized world expert in Genetic Programming, a heuristic search method useful for both statistical modeling as well as automated programming, and was a co-founder and technical editor-in-chief of the Memetic Computing journal. While at Maana and GE, Dr. Gustafson has developed and led successful research agendas in the areas of automated machine learning, with recent publications at IJCAI and AAAI, social media monitoring and viral marketing, social network analysis, semantic data management, text mining and NLP, and big data / data science. He was recently an advisor on the Data-X course at Berkeley, and a visiting professor at the University of Newcastle, UK.