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Dr. Ahanotu is an experienced decision and insights practitioner with a passion for building, managing, and motivating data-driven teams. In 2010 Duru Ahanotu, Ph.D. joined Yahoo, Inc. where he is now Director of Data Science and Engineering, Growth Marketing Sciences (in 2017 Yahoo became a part of Oath, a Verizon company). Dr. Ahanotu leads a team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers who support the data and advanced analytics needs of Marketing through predictive analytics, Hadoop technologies, and data analytics and visualizations. Dr. Ahanotu was previously a Technical Sales Consultant with Microsoft Advertising where he provided product knowledge, functional expertise, and technical support to Microsoft Advertising account executives who sold a suite of digital media monetization software. This suite included products developed by his former employer Rapt, Inc. With Rapt, Dr. Ahanotu last served as an Engagement Manager for a software implementation for a $100 million on-line publisher with a rapidly growing business. As a Solutions Architect, he served as the lead consultant on client projects and provided technical guidance to Solutions Consultants on other projects. Dr. Ahanotu also contributed several new pricing methodologies and conceptual frameworks for training clients on these analytics. He contributed to a related Rapt patent ("Method and System for Producing Optimized Prices for Products for Sale"). While completing his Ph.D., Dr. Ahanotu worked as a Business Solutions Project Manager for an expert systems software company. His work focused on building and implementing expert systems for diagnosing issues with robots in manufacturing processes.