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Dave McAllister has been a champion for open systems and open source from the early days of Linux, through open distributed file systems like XFS, GFS and GlusterFS to today's world of clouds and containers. Currently the Director of Developer Engineering for Solace, Dave is working with messaging/streaming developers and architects to promote the use of open standard data movement protocols and APIs to solve large-scale distributed systems challenges. Dave has a particular interest in the Internet of Things (from previous work in process control, SCADA and simulators), especially as it evolves to the Internet of Everything. He often speaks on topics such as the real-world issues associated with open-source software and on creating new technology companies. Well versed in trivia, he won a Golden Penguin in 2002. He has held seats on Advisory Boards for Sistina, Woven Systems, Pathworks, Zetera and ConcreteCMS. He is currently on the Reader Advisory Board for Linux Journal. Dave was named as one of the top ten pioneers in open source by Computer Business Review, having cut his teeth on Linux and compilers long before the phrase "open source" was coined.